Prom Look #1 (soft smoky grey)

It’s the prom season! This tutorial will suit everyone regardless of what they wear! It’s a great look for someone who wants to try wearing smoky eyes, but not used to wearing makeup. 1 quick tip for prom goers: try not to match your makeup with your dress, instead, compliment it! Plums, purples, greys, bronze, chocolates will be your best bet! They compliment every eyes and skin tones. =D

Anyhow, let’s get the tutorial started.

My face is prep with Laura Mercier foundation primer, Cinema Secret foundation and set with loose powder.

Products used:

Foundation: Cinema Secret cream foundation

Primer – face: Laura Mercier, eyes: MAC Bare Study paint pot

Eyeshadows: MAC Phloof, MAC Smokes ‘n Diamonds (shimmer grey), MAC Scene (matte grey) *all of these colours can be substituted! just go to shopper’s and look for loreal or maybelline. Their 001 quads have similar colours*

Eyeliner: Urban Decay Gunmetal and MAC greasepaint stick in Black Slick

Mascara: Maybelline XXL Curl Power

Blush: MAC Apricot

Lipstick: Rimmel in Crush

brushes – MAC 219 (Pencil brush); MAC 217 (Blending brush); MAC 239 (flat shadow brush)


there’s been a lot of people that asked about my hair. I don’t have a hairstylist that I always go to. I usually change cause I like I always asked for the same cut: LAYERED with the shortest layer goes down to my chin. No razors, only scissors (may be next time i’ll go for razor..hehe)..This time I went to Salon Profilo at Lime Ridge Mall (hamilton, on) and asked for Anthonio (or anthony)

for colour: I just recently colored my hair. I asked for a chocolate brown, natural looking highlight. Not in chunks. thin, subtle looking highlights. NO BLEACHING.

for styling it: GHD IV styler, section hair ears to ears, temples to temples and crown area. Hold the straightening iron horizontally, grab a section of hair and clamp it near the roots. Pull it UP and OUT, and as you get closer to the end curl it inwards (towards your face). Do the same throughout. For the crown area, pull it up and away (to the back of the head)