Featuring: Winson as Avatar

Hahahaah..So, last weekend, I was bored and fortunately enough, my friend, Winson and his gf came over to Hamilton to hang out. We decided to turn winson into an Avatar. LOL. If you’re looking for the tutorial, please follow the link right here: http://kireimakeup.com/2010/01/13/navi-avatar-inspired-look/

I used similar products as the tutorial above, except, I couldn’t find my neutral setting powder, so I had to use Ben Nye Cosmic Blue eyeshadow to set the blue cream makeup resulting in a shinier finish than the previous tutorial. I kind of like the fact that it’s shinier. We kept saying how “glowy” Winson looked. hahaha

Anyhow, I’ll show you a few pictures of the whole process from start to finish right below on the slideshow!

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