Beauty on a Budget – Foundation

Today we’re going to talk about Foundation! To be honest, I was completely, utterly disappointed by the range of colours that they offer at Shopper’s by all the different brands, except for L’oreal. I’ve to mention, Cover Girl foundations are way too pink for anyone! May be I should go there and swatch those foundation. Can you believe I actually found several foundations from different brands that are’s not even skin colour, it’s just PINK..WHO IN THE WORLD HAVE A PINK SKIN???

You might not believe it, but most of us actually have a yellow undertone. Anyhow! The only brand that can satisfy my needs is: L’oreal Tru Match liquid foundation. I mixed w3 and w6 and it’s perfect for my skin tone. W3 was a bit pink-ish, w6 was a bit too dark for my skin, but when I mixed them, it was perfect. I think I mixed the, in 1(w3):3(w6) ratio. I applied my primer first (Laura Mercier) with a wedge sponge. Then, using the same sponge, I applied the foundation. I only need a little bit of this product.

The finish is very pretty I think. It’s matte, but it’s not a total matte like how MAC Studio Fix Fluid gives. It still allows your skin to glow from within. I think this is by far the best drugstore foundation I’ve used. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. If you want more coverage, you can build it up. If you want sheer coverage, you can damp your sponge with water.

It’s pretty good for acne-prone skin, and most skin type I would say (I’ve combination). I didn’t break out (I’ve used it for a few weeks now), didn’t have trouble with the foundation “melting”, and seriously a little goes a long way.

The price is pretty awesome too. Here, in Canada, it’s about $17++ (before tax), and sometimes, they have discount and the price went down to $13++, or if you buy 1 you get another 1 for 1/2 price or stuffs like that…And you earn optimum points, which is always great..=D..

The only problem I have with this product is that, I’ve to pour it in to a palette/back of my hands, which can be troublesome sometimes, since the foundations can spill easily. I found that using a Q-tip to get the product out is a little bit easier. Since I’ve to mix my foundations, I used one side of the Q-tip to get the lighter one out, then used the other side to get the darker one.

It’s definitely a great foundation if you’re on a budget (hello, MUFE HD foundation: $40, MAC Foundation:$30-$40, Nars foundation: $40, Smashbox foundation: $40)…It’s also amazing if you just starting out and you don’t have much money to get a more expensive foundation kit (Faceatelier: $120++ for foundation kit that have even less product that L’oreal, RCMA: $300++ for the foundation palette).

Plus, I think L’oreal tru match liquid foundation have a pretty good range of colours, and you, MUAs out there can try out, mix and match colours and such.

Here’s a picture of me with the foundation in natural light (yes, my forehead is darker than the rest of my face..that’s just how my skin is). The eye tutorial will be up next

I am not being paid/endorsed by anyone to write this review. This is my honest opinion of the product.

Leave me comments below if you’ve tried other foundation, or this one and tell me what do you think about it! =D