Bla bla bla – rants

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I need to revamp my site. I’ve been thinking about it for over 2-mth now. I’ve even contacted a website designer to do a makeover on my site. He’s a friend of mine, and he’ll be helping me once he’s back from Indonesia. I sure hope he’ll be back soon.

Anyhow..There’s been a lot of requests for hair and nail tutorials…Let me clarify: I am NOT a hairstylist nor a nail artist. My opinions or the way I do hair/nails probably will differ than hairstylist/nail artists. I will eventually post those hair and nail tutorials. As of now, I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to post those tutorials.

I’ve also been requested to do video tutorials. I think I might eventually do video tutorials. I’m looking around for video cams and also, I’m trying to move stuffs around my room right now so I can have a corner just to do hair/makeup/nails with a good background and lightings.

The reasons why I do photos tutorial instead of videos:

1) I’ve an accent and I’m very very very conscious about my accent. My first language is not English. I started speaking English when I was 12-year-old, and if you guys are of psychology major, you know that majority of kids who learn other languages after the age of 12 will have an accent. But, anyhow, probably I’ll get over it! see, I’m one of those people who can get embarrassed hearing/seeing myself in a video.

2) With photos, I don’t have to worry about zooming in or out, and if I make a mistake, people won’t know! LOL..=P, in the near future, expect to see a video on the don’t know if I want to go on youtube. WordPress have its own wordpress tv which allow for video to be uploaded here. So, may be I’ll do that.

Please be patient with me! =D..