Interview with Maxime Bocken

So, remember my tweet a few weeks a go about an interview with a photographer extraordinaire? YES YES YES! Maxime Bocken!! Amazing photographer! He’s my absolute favorite to work with. I was lucky enough to have him snap my portfolio pictures, which turned out to be the best pictures in my book and my favorites. He is professional, down to earth, funny, fast and deliver high-quality pictures. His amazing works can be seen at Today’s Bride, Lush, Chatelaine, Fashion magazine and a lot more. Check his website at for more info about his works and biography.

Ladies and gents, I present you, Maxime:

1) As a fashion photographer, what is your perspective of “beauty’?
As a photographer but more than that as artist, Beauty is always hard to define, it is extremely relative. It is the essence of your model. Whether shooting a fashion model, a singer or a friend, the hard thing is to capture that essence. You can have hundreds of good frames but only one will showcase his (her) true beauty. Not easy especially with camera shy people but I guess that’s where you can take credit for being a good photographer… On a more specific level, beauty in fashion photography means tedious editing that I can’t wait to send over to my retoucher!

2) What do you think about this year’s Spring/Summer trend in general (men/women)?
This year’s Spring/Summer trend, let me guess, Black is back? Smokey eyes in? oh no wait that’s the usual Fall/Winter. Trends just like beauty are very relative. It’s in and out, then back in… Only models can really wear anything overly trendy and that’s the reason why they’re models! My advise is try it all at home with friends and then stick to what makes you look good, what makes you feel like a superstar! Now if we’re talking on set beauty, I tend not to follow trends too much as I like to create avant-garde looks. If it’s a trend, it’s been done over and over again, it is much more fun to create something new! But be ware the risk of tackiness, trend is always a safe bet!

3) What make someone a great makeup artist?
A great make-up artist is someone that understands how light bounces on the skin. Sounds easy but really it isn’t… Obviously in a more technical way: light base, appropriate usage of blush, precision for lip and liner, etc. And last but not least, impeccable hygiene: obviously fresh set of discreet clothes, clean hands not overly manicured, minty breath (smokers and coffee drinkers beware)
(note from me: LIGHT BASE, MUAs! LIGHT BASE! How many times have I said LESS IS MORE? =D)

4) How do you build your career as a photographer?
“How do you build your career, what is the price to pay for fame?” was the subject of an interesting conversation I had with an extremely successful friend of mine. His answer was very enlightening, it is all about focus. There is no real secret, if you want to make it whatever the industry, you have to take a step back and analyze what makes you special. Only then, hit hard non stop until it breaks. The price to pay? He didn’t answer but I could read in his eyes many sleepless nights, failed relationships and a constant obsession for his art.

5) Any advice for aspiring fashion/beauty photographer out there?
Advise for photographers to be? Don’t you dare cross my path or I will have to crush you! No kidding be confident about your art and enjoy every step of the way, that is the only way you are going to shine… In a more technical matter, bless the digital era, you get to try over and over again for free! So don’t hesitate to try new stuff, experiment with filters, movements, etc… Have fun!
(note: No, really..he will crush you..he’s not kidding.. =P)

6) Any tips on how to look great in front of the camera? 😉
The only answer to that question is be yourself! Leave your shy suit in the closet and give it all to the camera. Energy is so important during shoot, remember lenses filter emotions so you really have to bring it on. Don’t forget to get a good night sleep and drink lots of water for luminous skin.
Photo is courtesy of Maxime Bocken (