Cover Girl Crystal Water eyeshadow quad – tutorial and review

FINALLY! I’ve the chance to update again! LOL…Work was insane! Busy busy busy..It was a lot of fun though! Anyways, I had the chance to grab some eyeshadows from Wal-mart. I just grabbed something blue, something cheap and something near…I think this look could work for the Summer, but I’ve to say, I’m pretty disappointed at the colour payoff.

I did not use any base because I want to know what’s the real colour payoff of the eyeshadow. Crystal Water quad comes in (all frosty): white, light minty green, teal and dark navy blue. I’m not a fan of a white highlighter, so I didn’t use it. The minty green turned out to be more of a white than a light green, the teal colour is more like a blue, but the navy blue is actually quite pretty.

I probably will not buy this quad again (it was on sale for $3.99! couldn’t resist! lol). I will, however, probably, get just the navy blue. It’s a pretty colour. Almost similar to MAC Deep Truth

Anyhow, let’s jump right to the tutorial!

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