Healthy Image

I know, I know…I’ve gone missing for weeks now…I’m loving my new job and it’s been keeping me busy…I’ve a tutorial for you guys, however, uploaded tmr! Anyways, this is going to be a post about building one’s image. I’m currently working a lot with teenage girls and I’ve come across a few girls who are dealing with body issue and image.

As a makeup artist, more often than not, a lot of my clients are not too happy about how they look. I believe that inner beauty is reflected in the outside appearance. At the same time, as a psych graduate, I also believed that how you feel about your physical appearance can affect how you are inside.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE. If one day, you ever feel that you are not, please feel free to email me at and I’m more than willing to listen to your rants and chat with you. I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to lend a helping hand (or ear).

I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. If there comes a day, where someone teases you because of how you look, or you feel that no one loves you, please email me and I’m more than happy to let you know that I LOVE YOU!

I know how it feels to be the ugly duckling. I know how it feels to feel unloved and unwanted. I come from a society where I was told that I’m fat and ugly, and that nobody would want to be with me. There’s a lot of negative energy poured onto my thoughts and overtime, I started to believe in it. I started to believe that I am ugly and fat, and that no one will love me. But, you know what, THEY ARE WRONG

I’m not ugly, nor fat! I’m healthy and I know I can look good if I try hard enough. Of course nobody will love me if I’m always gloomy and sad, and indulge in self pity. How can you love others, if you don’t love yourself? How can others love you, if you don’t love them?

I know some of you have used makeup to feel good about yourself, to make yourself look prettier. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE. Makeup is a TOOL to ENHANCE what you ALREADY HAVE.

Now, DATES/PARTNERS/HUSBANDS/BOYFRIENDS, if your ladies are taking a little bit longer to prep themselves so that they can look good, please shower them with appreciation. Tell them that they look absolutely beautiful, let them know that it was worth the wait! Don’t be mad at them for making you wait, be happy that they are taking care of themselves and look absolutely gorgeous.

But of course, ladies, if you know you’ll be taking 30min or 1hr to get ready, please get ready earlier so that they don’t have to wait too long for you. Let them know that you appreciate them for the wait, and apologize if you take longer than 5-10min.

I hope this little post will help some of you to feel good about yourselves. I don’t want to get into too much details about exercising or diet since I’m not an expert in that fields. Remember, YOUR BEAUTY IS A REFLECTION OF WHAT IS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE.