Contact Lens review/Japanese&Korean eye makeup

I was sent Circle lens by a company called Korea Big Eyes . I received the lens 10 days after I emailed them my address. They are super fast and they reply to any of your inquiries within a day. Their customer service is superb! They sent me their most popular lens ( with a free case. The lenses are specifically made to make your eyes look bigger or “doll-like”. A lot of Oriental girls (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) have smaller eyelids (monolids), and the lens help to make the illusion that they have bigger eyes. I believe the Japanese models in the Jap magazines all used this lens to make their eyes big. A lot of Japanese/Chinese/Korean singers/actresses worn the black circle lens to make their eye look bigger without making it look obvious.

Anyhow, the makeup is suitable for everyone. I, however, did make this tutorial specifically for those with monolids or those who just started out doing makeup on themselves. Very simple look and it’s very easy for those who have monolids.

My face was prep with Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, and my eyes were prep with MAC Soft Ochre paint pot (all over the lid up to under the brow)

Products used:

Foundation – Chanel Mat Lumiere in Claire

Eyeshadow – MAC Sumptous Olive, Urban decay Perversion

Eyeliner – MUFE Aqua eyeliner in black, Kat Von D Trooper

Mascara – Maybelline xxl curl power

Highlighter – MAC Shell

Lipstick – Chanel Cofidentielle

Lipgloss – MAC Jealous

Blush – MAC Utterly Game