Product Review: Trind – Nail Polishes

I received a few goodies from Trind (Thank you, Egon!). They sent me over a bunch of stuffs, but today I’m just going to review the nail polishes and the nail polish removal. Click on the picture below for colours and such. I have to say, I’m very impressed with all the colour pay-off except for CC107 (Lightest Pink). I love the red, pink and blue. I did 2 coats in the picture, but 1 coat was actually enough. I’m not sure why cc107 isn’t as good as the other 3. There isn’t much colour and it was too runny. The other 3 were pretty amazing. The consistency was not too thick, not too runny; the colours were very pretty. Personally, my faves have to be the blue and the red. The blue and the red are both matte finish, while the 2 pinks have shimmer in it.

On the last pic, I removed the nail polishes with Trind Nail Polish Remover (extra mild). This product is definitely a MUST. It’s AMAZING. You know how sometimes when you remove your nail polish, your fingers/nails feel so dry afterwards cause of the alcohol/acetone in it? Well, Trind’s nail polish remover is acetone-free and it seems that there’s moisturizer in it. It’s so mild and moisturizing! It removes the nail polish easily too. This is definitely one of their best products.

I still have a few more products to rave about, but I’ll do it in the next post! 🙂

Go to their site to browse around!