My Top 5 Foundations

Foundation prepares your skin as a canvas. It’s so important to find the right foundation for your skin so that your makeup looks flawless. I’m always looking for the “perfect” foundation for my skin. I like foundation that gives a dewy or satin finish but with medium coverage. I don’t like foundation that gives too much coverage and looks/feels cakey. I’m very sensitive to smell, so I prefer foundation that is not heavily scented or at least, does not smell like cardboard. Most of all, I want my foundation to match my skin tone.

A quick background on my current skin condition: combination skin, sensitive, uneven tones and breakouts every now and then. My skincare regime: 3-step Obagi Clenziderm system which causes overdrying of the skin. I live in Canada, where it’s dry and cold (lately pretty warm).

How to test your foundation:

1. Take a swab and apply it to your collar bone or neck – this will ensure that the foundation will match the rest of your body

2. Choose a yellow-base foundation – yellow cancels out any redness that you have on your skin. In addition, most of us have a yellow undertone, not pink.

3. Go out where you can find day light and check the colour again.

Anyhow! My 5 favorite foundations are:

1. NARS Sheer Matte (in Stromboli) – even though NARS called it a Sheer Matte, I like the coverage that it gives; not too much, not too little. The shade is perfect, the pigment is amazing. The finish is dewy even though it says matte, thus does not give a flat finish. It’s my number 1 foundation to use of all time.

2. L’oreal Tru Match liquid foundation(in W4) – for a $17.95/bottle, this has to be my fave. drugstore foundation! The finish is similar to MUFE HD foundation and a little goes a loong way. The W line is the one that matches most people. I’ve used this for photoshoot, fashion shows, film and brides, this product never fails to amaze me. You can build the coverage by layering it, a silky finish and blendable.

3. Chanel Mat Lumiere (in 40) – when I bought this foundation, I was wondering why would they call it “Mat Lumiere”. Sounds almost like an oxymoron – if it is matte, how can it be luminous. In the beginning, when I applied the foundation, it appears flat. However, after I applied it all over my face and let it sit for a few seconds, my skin appears luminous and glowy. It’s a sheer to medium coverage foundation and it has a subtle scent.

4. Natural FX (in M50) – I’m always a big fan of CoverFx products, especially their cream foundation. Their cream foundation is an amazing foundation/concealer in one, and it helps me a lot for my makeup works. I bought a NaturalFx foundation a few years a go. I wasn’t a big fan, even though it does give a medium to full coverage, I found it hard to work with. It’s not easy to blend and the product tends to cling to dry skin. Last month, however, Melissa from CoverFx sent me NaturalFx and I decided to give it a try. I saw the new packaging and associated it with new formula. Lo and behold, the newly formulated NaturalFx is so easy to work with and I instantly fall in love. If I need a medium-full coverage foundation, I’ll look for this foundation.

5. SkintintFX (in M50) – along with NaturalFx, Melissa sent me SkinTint FX foundation. It’s a tinted moisturizer with a hint of bronzer. My skin was so dry due to my Obagi regime, so I decided to give it a shot. I love this foundation when my skin is super dry. It hydrates the skin and give it a subtle glow. It does not give much coverage, but it still evens out the skin tone. It’s definitely my go-to foundation for winter.

My foundation preference changes according to the season, and I’m still looking around to see if I’ll be able to find better ones! I’ll definitely be trying the MUFE HD foundation (again), MAC foundations and a few others.