Just a quick post to brighten up my cloudy week. Annabelle eyeshadow from the DayDream collection was following me around Shopper’s and I’ve to have them…lol..Anyways, this is an inspired eye makeup from Annabelle poster. The differences are 1) I’m a few shade darker than the model, 2) I did not prime my lids with Bright Pink eyeliner, and 3) Instead of using a white eyeliner on the waterline, I used black. I might re-do this look to make it looks closer to the poster. Nevertheless, I tried to achieve a more subtle hint of colours and a wearable look with this tutorial.

Annabelle makeup artist claimed that the yellow is a true yellow, but I find it more to be on the chartreuse side. I can see hint of green in the yellow. Also, to add, the colours are matte and somehow the yellow (DayGlo) is kinda chalky.

Anyways, enjoy the tutorial! 🙂