MAC FashionFlower – Lucky Green/Bows&Curtseys

I decided to grab these 2 colours from the MAC FashionFlower collection since they’re the ones that stand out the most. Very well pigmented and I love the finish of the shadows – Veluxe Pearl for Lucky Green and Satin for Bows & Curtseys.

Lucky Green has hint of gold, almost chartreuse like colour. Bows and Curtsey is a blackened green shadow, almost have a duochrome feel to it. I’m going to try Bows & Curtseys by itself on the next makeup tutorial. Anyhow, I’m happy with these 2 eyeshadows. The other eyeshadows are ok. When I tried to swatch the others before I made my purchase, the colour doesn’t stand out, it’s boring and it’s very common. I almost bought Aqua, which is a permanent eyeshadow, but I decided not to get it since the payoff is not as pigmented.

I prep my face with Maybelline Fit Me foundation

Products used:

Foundation – Maybelline Fit Me

Eyes – MAC Lucky Green, MAC Bows & Curtseys, MAC Smolder kohl eyeliner

Blush – MAC Coralista

Mascara – Dior Iconic