OPI Steady as She Rose

I bought all of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Strangers’ Tides collection (if that doesn’t show how much I love the movie, I don’t know what else will :p).I still can’t get a hold of the Silver Shatter, I’m going to try again this Saturday! The salon that carries this collection already ordered the polishes, but they have yet to arrive.

Anyway, I’ve posted my review and swatch on Mermaid’s Tears last week, so today I’m doing the review and swatch on Steady as She Rose. This is one of the few colours that is more on the pastel and chalky side. It’s almost white, with a hint of pink. It’s opaque and 2 coats do the job. I tried wearing this alone, but me no like. I guess cause my nails are longer now, and I’m planning to keep it longer to do more nail tutorials. Perhaps it’ll look good with a shorter nail. I’m having a mix feeling about this one, since it’s an in-between white/pink. I think it might look good as a French tip.