Tanda Professional Skin Care

Acne!!!! I’ve been dealing with Acne for the past so many years, ever since I was 12-year-old. I’ve been using Obagi Clenziderm system, which worked amazing in the summer, not so much in the winter. Lately, though, my skin has been doing pretty well until my stress level went up. Unusual break out along my jawline had me worried about my skin care routine.

3 days a go, bf and I went to Shopper’s to grab some stuffs, and I happened to stumble upon Tanda and Zeno. I decided to grab the Tanda system since I haven’t hear anyone raves about it. Actually, it was my first time seeing the product as well. We went home, read the manuals and I let it charge overnight. Now, I should’ve taken a before and after picture of 1 use, but of course I was too excited to use the product that I forgot to take pics of it.

The system is super easy:

1. Clean your face

2. Apply pre-treatment

3. Use Tanda for 3-minute over each affected area twice daily.

4. You can apply your usual moisturizer and other skin care products after.

On my first use, all my inflamed acne along my jawline has reduced in size. It was amazing. I’m on day 3 now and I can already see the difference.

How does Tanda works?

Apparently the Blue Light that it emits is the same to the Blue LED Light treatment therapy that dermatologists used. This light kills the bacteria that causes acne, thus clearing up the break-outs and prevent future break out.

It does not irritate my skin at all. I don’t feel much difference on my skin, except for the fact that my blemishes have reduced in size and some were gone. No tingling sensation, no irritation, no flakiness.

Tanda beeps once every 30-second and beeps twice to notify the end of the 3-minute cycle. I like the fact that the treatment head is big and thus allowing for a bigger skin coverage.

I’m only on my day 3, will update again on day 7, and day 14 as well as 30.

The only cons of this product is the hefty price. Tanda acne kit costs at around can$250 at Shopper’s drug mart in Canada.