NARS Makeup Your Mind

Without a doubt, one of my favorite makeup artists, Francois Nars, not only produces great makeup products, but he also was able to produce great makeup books. I, first, bought NARS Makeup Your Mind book a few years a go, and it motivated me to play and have fun with makeup. Just a few days a go, my bf bought me NARS latest makeup book called: NARS Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself.

If you love makeup, here’s a few things why you’re going to love NARS makeup books:

1. Great before and after pictures – models’ hair is pulled back so all you can see is the face. No other accessories distract you from the face.

2. Diversity – all the models come from different ethnicity background, different face shape, different everything! It’s so refreshing and unique to see people who aren’t models by profession to model for the book.

3. The clear divider that has all the makeup products used.

4. Quality of pictures is just simply breathtaking.

Now, the price might be a little steep if you buy them in bookstores. However, if you get them from Amazon, you get a much better deal!