Short-hair Bride


Mariana, a beautiful Indonesian woman, came to do a bridal trial with me for her wedding day. She has such great hair and it’s quite rare these days to have a bride-to-be who have a short/medium length hair. Mariana’s hair falls right on her shoulder with tons of layers on the top. Her hair is shinny, healthy and really silky! I was reminded how Indonesians have such beautiful strong hair. Though her hair is amazingly healthy, it’s quite flat since she never put products on it.

Anyhow, Mariana wanted an updo, and to be honest, I was quite afraid that I won’t be able to pull an updo with her hair. Nevertheless, I set her hair in rollers and once the makeup is done, took the rollers out and started playing with it. I sectioned her hair and curled it with a Chi hair straightener. Once the curl is done, I teased the front section of her hair up until the crown and pin all her hair back. I pin all her hair from the sides to the back, making sure all the curls were nicely located. I criss-cross all my pins to keep everything in place.

I let a few curls fall down to frame her face. The hair is supposed to look elegant and yet not too done. It still looks soft and feminine. I did not put any products on her hair, no hairspray, no pomade etc. The hair was held with bobby pins and it held quite nicely. On the day itself, I will probably spray her hair so that the curls stay curly all day long. This look is perfect for her wedding gown, a modernized Kebaya.