Tarte LipSurgence

LOOOOOOOVE Tarte LipSurgence products! As you all may know, I’m not a big fan of lipsticks and lipglosses. I find quite irritating when I can feel products on my lips. Sticky substances are no-no! I don’t even like putting lip balm or chapstick on my lips in the winter.

Anyhow, I heard so much raves about Tarte LipSurgence products in magazines, and I decided to give it a try. LOOOOOVE IT! It’s not sticky, it’s minty and it moisturizes my lips! I can’t even feel like as though I’m wearing anything on my lips.

Now, there’s 2 things that I don’t quite like about this product:

1. Expensive ($24) – for 0.1 oz! That’s expensive! I can get lipstick for half that price!

2. The tip – too fat! Can’t really to do precise work using this, but the colour is transferable to a lip brush if I ever need to do a precise work.

I’m giving Tarte Lipsurgence 4 kisses out of 5!