Colour Splash

I was just playing with some makeup today, and came up with this look. Bf loves the blue/pink combo since those 2 are his fave, this look is my take on a modern vintage/retro look that’s wearable, colourful and definitely summer-y. Very easy to do, just sharpen your pencils and you’re ready to colour! 🙂


1.  I applied NARS Sheer Matte all over my face with a damped beauty blender sponge. Then I applied Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in 2 under my eyes.

2. I lined my lips with Faces Good Pink lip liner. I filled the lips with the liner after.

3. On top of the liner, I applied Tarte Lipsurgence in Lively.

4. Then, I applied LT Pro lip palette 01 (hot pink) on top of Lively. (LT Pro is an Indonesian based cosmetic company).

5.  After I finished the lips, I applied MAC Technakohl Auto-De-Blu eyeliner on my top and lower lid.

6. Using an angled brush, I applied Lancome All Made Up  to create a wing and applied it on top of the liner to create an intense blue colour.

7. I lined my waterline using MAC Smolder.

8. I applied Maybelline XXL Curl mascara on both top and lower lashes.

9. I applied MAC Pearl cream based on top of my cheekbones.

10. The look is completed by applying Benefit Coralista lightly on the cheeks.

For hair, I wanted to create a high messy bun. However, since my hair isn’t long enough and has tons of layers, my bun became very! I thought it was still kinda cute. Then, I wore my fav. headband from BCBG to finish the look. I think it’ll look good too if you wear a head scarf with this look. Check Lauren’s post on the different ways to wear head scarf here.

ps: hehehe…love my earrings (^_____^)…if you’re wondering, I have 4 earrings on my right ear (and 3 on the left). I got the 2 cartilage piercings both at the same time. I won’t lie, it hurt a little when the lady placed the earrings in, but it was no biggie. I did mine at Cottage 13 in Hamilton, near Jackson Square