So you wanna get a foundation?

Choosing the right foundation is not easy! With so many brands available in the market, you get easily distracted with what you want or you get confused with what you really need. If I weren’t such a makeup junkie, I probably would just stick to these 2 foundations because I know they work well with my skin: NARS Sheer Matte in Stromboli and Lancome Teint Miracle.

What do I look for when choosing a foundation?

1. Undertone – anything besides yellow undertone is a definite OUT.

  •     How do I know it’s yellow undertone? Go to MAC and see their NC foundations. The NCs at MAC are all yellow undertone. You can see the gold/yellow in it. Now, go take a look at the NWs, they’re all pink undertone. I suggest to pump out the NC 35 and compared it with the NW 35, you can see the difference quite clearly.
  • How do I know if I’m yellow or pink undertone? I tend to choose yellow undertone for most people, say about 99% of my clients, models and actresses/actors are pretty much yellow undertones. Very little people have pink undertone. Even those who have pink undertone might prefer the yellow foundation to cancel out the redness in their skin. If you’re really pale: MAC NC 10-20/NW 10-20, you might have a pink or neutral (beige) undertone. I find that most people with pink undertones are those of Irish descendants. If you’re Oriental like me, please stick to the yellow undertones.
  • If you like MAC, all the NCs are yellow.
  • If you like MUFE HD Foundation, be very careful! They don’t carry much yellow, most of them are pink. From my experience the 117 is beige, slightly to the yellow side. The 123 and 155 are also yellow.
  • If you like Lancome Teint Miracle, the Ws are yellow
  • If you like NARS, most of them are yellow.

2. Coverage – medium coverage is the best way to go (in my humble opinion)

  • I like foundations that have medium coverage. This way I can thin it out by using a damped sponge or increase the coverage by layering the foundation.

3. Form – I prefer liquid foundation in case I have to travel or in a hurry to apply makeup. I can apply my foundation using my fingers if I’m a rush. I am a big fan of cream foundation too, though. However, for my own personal use, I like liquid just because it’s faster and easier to apply 🙂

4. The finish – this refers to whether or not you like your foundation more silky or matte.

  • Some foundations might cater to those with dry skin, and thus it has a silky finish, some might cater to those with oily skin who prefers a more matte finish.
  • I like mine in between. I like to look dewy/glowy. I like the luminous look, thus I like the Lancome Teint Miracle and NARS Sheer Matte. They both have a beautiful finish to it.

5. Price

  • If you’re willing to fork out a good amount of money for foundation, go crazy @ Sephora or Holt. Chanel, MUFE, MAC, Dior etc.
  • If you’re on a budget, go to Shoppers! L’oreal Tru Match has amazing collections! Ws are yellow, Ns are beige and Cs are pink. I do have to say though, the W5 is slightly pink, and the N6 C6 is definitely yellow.

My last tip would be: TRY IT OUT and see if you like it! If you don’t, GO BACK AND GET IT EXCHANGE or refund! It’s TRIAL and ERROR. It also depends on your preference. So, go out and try! It’s just makeup, you can always remove it 🙂