Kiehl’s Indonesia presents: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Collection

So I received Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Collection from Kiehl’s Indonesia not too long a go. Since I’m not in Indonesia, I’ve to rely on my brother who was on Summer break to bring it back to Canada when he returned. I’d like to say thanks to Kiehl’s Indonesia for the goodies! 🙂

Anyhow, I have had experience using Kiehl’s product, and am still using it until now. So, as you can see I am already a big fan of Kiehl’s. There’s 4 products in the Ultra Facial line:

1) Ultra Facial Cleanser – “Gentle liquid formula that cleanses without over-drying or stripping skin. For all skin type”

  • I find this cleanser to be quite gentle. It does not dry out the skin, however, if you’re using this cleanser to remove your makeup, it will not work. This cleanser does it jobs of removing residual makeup or dirt, but not the entire makeup completely.

2) Ultra Facial Toner – “Gentle toner to prepare, hydrate, and comfort skin. For all skin type”

  • I’m unsure about this toner. It’s a milky liquid that does not really make my skin feel clean nor refreshed. I’ve heard that people with sensitive skin might have a reaction to this toner. I do not experience such thing. I do feel like it leaves residue on my skin and my skin feels sticky. However, it does do a good job moisturizing the skin. It has a slight scent which Bf disliked..(lol, yes I do test products on my Bf 🙂 )

3) Ultra Facial Moisturizer – “This moisturizer is readily absorbed  into the facial skin, leaving the surface area soft and nurtured…For all skin type”

  • Now this is the product that I absolutely love. I used this moisturizer on myself and on clients. It has no scent, it’s light and it moisturizes. This moisturizer has a water-like consistency. It’s really awesome if you have a dry skin because you’ll feel the quench immediately, it also works for oily and combination because it does not leave you feeling all greasy since it’s so light.
  • I love this moisturizer for both men and women. I think by far, the best product from this line. Bf likes it too! He said “this feels smoother” after he tried it on his hand.
  • It’s scentless which is a big plus for me 😀

4) Ultra Facial Cream – “Greenland First Ascent. 24-hour, everyday hydrating formula with extracts of Glacial Glycoproteins and Desert Plants”

  • This moisturizer is similar to the Ultra Facial Moisturizer but thicker. I think this product is best to be used by those with really dry skin or mature skin. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it still is lighter than other face cream on the market.
  • It’s scentless and I might give this to my mom to try on when she comes in the winter. My mom always feel that her skin is super dry whenever she comes to visit me, so I’m going to ask her to try this on.

My overall verdict: I think it’s a great line for those with dry or combination skin. For those with oily and sensitive skin, you might want to try out samples first before jumping into buying it, and always do a patch test.

Here’s a message from Kiehl’s Indonesia from the email they sent me:

In order to help our customers find Kiehl’s products that will best meet their unique skincare needs and concerns, we always offer a personalized skincare consultation, complete with appropriate product and sample recommendations for their individual skincare regime.

  • Go and talk to the Kiehl’s rep in store so they can find the right product for you!

Locations of Kiehl’s stores that you can find in Indonesia:

SOGO Plaza Senayan, Jakarta
SOGO Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Jakarta
METRO Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta
SOGO Tunjungan Plaza 4, Surabaya

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