Soulstice Nail Polish

I received an email to review nail polishes from Soulstice Spa Nail Polish and I was excited to receive the products in the mail! One of the reasons why I was super pumped to receive it was because this is the first time I was going to try a VEGAN nail polish product! Most of you probably don’t know this, but one of my close friends, Liz (you’ve seen her in my blog :D) is the most eco-friendly girlfriend I ever have (plus she’s vegetarian)…lol…So, obviously I’m super excited because we both share the same passion for nail polishes and now I can share this with her! She’s always on the look-out for anything vegan or eco-friendly stuffs, so I’m gonna share this with her..:)

In addition, these nail polishes are cruelty free and free of: phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene! I do have to say that I’m SUPER impressed with the nail polishes. It’s almost a merge between Essie and OPI. Beautiful colour, very opaque and nice consistency. One coat is good enough :). It’s like having a super awesome nail polishes without the added toxins. I am SOLD! CAD$8.50 per bottle, not a bad price. You can find the Soulstice Spa Vegan Nail Polish at

Anyhow, without further a do, here’s some pictures of the polishes: Kona (sky blue) , Buenos Aires (true red)¬† and Berlin (deep raisin)

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