NARS Night Porter

This is a requested look from weekend. I was going to upload it on the weekend, but I fell sick. Gah! My December is always filled with sniffle, coughs and non-stop sneezing. Anyhow! One of the prettiest eyeshadows that I’ve owned yet never been used. I love NARS Night Porter! It’s a beautiful black eyeshadow with green speckles. People always think it’s a green eyeshadow, but it’s actually black eyeshadow with green pearls. It’s very eye-catching!

Now, to bring out the green in this tutorial, I have to use a wet brush to apply the eyeshadow to my lids. If you apply it dry, you will not be able to get the beautiful green speckles.

Click on each picture to enlarge it 🙂


1. I sprayed MAC Fix+ on a flat eyeshadow brush and dipped it to one corner of the eyeshadow (don’t re-dip it in other spot! stay on this same spot so that you keep the rest of the area dry)

2. I applied NARS Night Porter on my eyelid.

3. Using a clean blending brush, I dipped the brush to the dry area of the eyeshadow.

4. I applied the dry shadow on my outer corner to the crease.

5. Using a wet angled brush, I applied the eyeshadow to my lower lid.

6. I applied Urban Decay Naked under my eyebrows.

7. I lined my waterline with a black pencil eyeliner from Annabelle.

8. I curled my lashes and applied mascara.

9. I applied Smashbox 16-hr studio foundation all over my face.

10. I applied Benefit Coralista on my cheeks and completed the look by applying Revlon Just Enough Buff lipstick