Bring on the Bling!

Just to continue on the golden makeup look from previous tutorial, in this post I’m using gold glitter on my nails! This OPI nail polish is called bring on the bling from the Burlesque collection. The idea for this nail look is a night sky with glimpse of stars. I think it’s a very pretty look for New Year’s eve party 🙂


1. Applied Rimmel or any brand black nail polish on the nails (you can do one or 2 layers)

2. I, then, applied OPI Bring on the Bling on my fourth digit (or the ring finger) on both the left and right hands. This nail polish gave me tons of glitter!

3. I drip a few dots of OPI Bring on the Bling on a piece of paper.

4. Using a clear transparent polish, I dipped the brush on the OPI Bring on the Bling that was on the paper and applied it to my nails. This left me with a few glitters on top of the black nail polish.