Deborah Lipman Stairway To Heaven

I received a Deborah Lipman nail polish not too long a go from Nikki at Nail Polish Canada. Can I just say that I’m starting to like Glitters! I’m so in love with this nail polish. Look at the size of the glitter in that thing! So amazing and pretty. What’s even more prettier is that if I layer it on top of a black or dark nail polish, the colour of the glitter/flecks changes! I found that it changes to somewhat a bluish tone if I layer it on top of a black nail polish. Very very pretty! It dries quickly and if you want your nails to be filled with the glitter/flecks, you can do a second layer. I like to wear it with just a transparent base coat right now since I think it looks quite chic.

If you’re interested in purchasing this nail polish in Canada, go to! They’re having a free shipping for orders over $29!

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