BB Creams – Smashbox vs Faceshop

I only own 2 BB Creams currently, and here’s my review on them. If I have the chance to get my hands on a few more, I really want to try Illamasqua’s BB Cream. I know in Jakarta, there were a few Korean based stores that carry BB cream, such as Etude, Faceshop and Skinfood.

Anyhow, what’s a BB cream? BB is short for Beauty Balm. It’s quite a big deal in the Orient and South-East Asia, particularly Korea. If I’m not wrong, it was originally made in Germany for those with sensitive skin. From what I know BB cream is widely popular in Korea, Indonesia, HK and Singapore. I, first, tried BB Cream in 2009. I bought one from Skinfood and I kept using it since it was very convenient for me to bring during travel. Back then, I went back to Jakarta for the Summer (after graduating from McMaster University) and was traveling to Thailand and Singapore with my family. I didn’t want to bring too many things for makeup, so BB cream was the obvious choice since it’s a moisturizer, primer, foundation and a sunscreen all in one. I was using Obagi medication at that time, and my skin was really sensitive and dry.

Then, last November when I went home, I wanted to try a BB cream from another brand (because I’m a product junkie) and bought one from the Faceshop. Came back to Canada, and just a few weeks a go I was watching Smashbox youtube channel and found that they just released their BB cream line! I could hardly wait! As soon as I have the time, I went to Sephora to buy one!

I personally choose the Smashbox BB cream over the Faceshop BB cream just because of the colours. I also realized that girls in Southeast Asia tend to pick a lighter colour foundation, causing their face to look grey, but that’s another topic for another day! For now, enjoy the review! 🙂