Richard Chai Love rtw 2012 Inspired

I was reading Glow magazine and on the very last page, I saw a picture of a model with bright pink eyeshadow from Richard Chai Love runway show. I love it and decided to copy the look. I can’t seem to be able to find the picture on the website, but if you are holding a Glow magazine look for it! It’s a very nice bright pastel-y colour for spring, and another way why we need to incorporate pink to our makeup 😛

I did this look right after my Tangerine post (the previous post), so I won’t bother listing all the makeup.


1. I applied Urban Decay Woodstock 24/7 glide-on eyeliner on my eyelids.

2. Using a clean blending brush, I blended the edge of the liner so that there’s no harsh line.

3. Using the same brush, I applied pink eyeshadow from Coastal Scents 88 palette. This is a matte pink eyeshadow.

4. I applied the pink shadow on my lid, blending it upwards to nothing-ness on the crease.

5. I repeated the technique on my inner corner of my lower lid.

6. Apply loads of mascara, and if you like it, line your waterline with black eyeliner. I think I like the look with waterline better – the black seems to stand out more against the pink.