Murad – Day 28

I accidentally deleted my week 3 photos from this trial…ANYWAYS! Day 28! I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the result. I mean, I do have breakout still, I had 2 new ones but that’s because of my monthly stress…I am quite pleased that my pores are clearing up, my skin is getting less oily and no itch, no sensitivity issue whatsoever! This is definitely a lot better than having to go through the redness and itch for a month, especially when I’m working in an office environment. Take a look for yourself!

So for the next month, I’ll continue posting a weekly picture, but for the upcoming month I’ll be using the Target Repair cream on the pesky little ones! and the Clarifying mask on the weekend.Oh, btw, here’s a little tip on the application: layer the products thinly! I found that if you apply the products sparingly, you get better result than slapping a lot of products on your face. And be patient!

If you are interested in purchasing the MURAD products in Canada, don’t forget to click here! (I do not receive any commission out of this)

Click on each picture to enlarge it. Please, do pardon my big pores and flawed skin…but hey! that’s what this review is for 🙂