Urban Decay Loaded and Hijack Eyeshadows

I’ve been a huge fan of Urban Decay for several years. I loved their palettes, and yet I only owned 2 of their single eyeshadow pots. I recently came across the Urban Decay single eyeshadows and I completely fell in love with it! The design for these eyeshadow pots are GENIUS! I mean, for years and years, I’ve depotted my MAC eyeshadows (limited edition ones) or buy the refills. Urban Decay came up with the genius idea of having the pot to be depot-able. THANK YOU! Brilliant! Simply brilliant!

Anyhow, I didn’t buy the empty palette yet, I’ll buy it once I collect more eyeshadows from UD. So, I just bought these 2 shadows named Loaded and Hijack. They are green/teal eyeshadows. They look quite similar at first glance, but Loaded is darker than Hijack. I’ll post a tutorial some time this week using these eyeshadows.

Enjoy the pictures and the how-to depot the UD eyeshadows:

1. I placed my palette knife (you can use butter knife) to the little opening located near the hinge of the cover (see picture!)

2. You want to gently twist the knife and the pot will pop out of the shelf. Twist GENTLY.

Super duper easy!