New Blog Layout

For the past few days, I’ve been working on this blog’s layout, and I am quite pleased with it! I hope you guys will enjoy some of the changes as much as I did. I do apologized for the lack of tutorials, I’ve been busy cleaning, packing and storing (repeat 50x) the past 2 days and today I sprained my neck (too much cleaning, packing and storing probably…lol).

I think I might do some more changes to the layout of the blog depending on how free I’ll be this weekend. I’ve been thinking a lot lately also to open a new blog just about my daily adventures, but I’ll put that aside for now until I’m completely satisfied with this blog.

Alright, so, some new things to take note of:

1. My header: Kirei is a link to “home”. Should you be in any other page and wished to go back to my homepage, you can either click the “Kirei” banner or “home” button which is located at the top navigation bar.

2. On my navigation bar, you’ll find 8 buttons: Home, Featured Tutorials, Product Reviews, Nail Polishes, Makeup Schools, Photos, Testimonials and Contact Us.

  • Home – shows all the posts.
  • Featured Tutorials – show links to tutorials that I featured. The “Featured Tutorials” button and its sub-menu are not clickable, they are static, only the tutorials itself (e.g. Chanel Kaska Beige, Classic Smoky eyes, Tangerine etc) are linkable and thus clickable.
  • Product Reviews – this button is clickable and if you click on this button, it’ll take you to all the products reviews available on this blog. I’ve subcategorized them into Skincare, Face, Eyes, Lips and Tools. Each sub-category is clickable and linkable. For example, if you click on Skincare, it’ll take you to all my MURAD posts, Sudocreme, Obagi, Kiehl etc.
  • Nail Polishes – the same goes for Nail Polishes. This button is clickable and linkable. I subcategorized them to the brands that I used, and each brand is clickable and linked to each respective posts.
  • The rest are pretty much explanatory! 🙂

3. My Homepage does not contain any side-bar, my right side-bar will only show up on the post page itself.

I think that’s it for now! Happy navigating the new site! 🙂