Another non-makeup related post

I hope the amount of non-makeup related post is not too damn high yet! lol…I also hope that my readers aren’t leaving me yet…So a few things:

Makeup: Have you guys tried that L’oreal Magique Lumi foundation yet? If not, GO GET YOURSELF A BOTTLE! You’ll love it!!! I used it once on my tutorial here and I do have to say I’m very impressed by it. I’ll try to do a review soon!

1. I’m back on Twitter again for my daily chatters. If you’re bored, come accompany me on Twitter! I post pictures from food to dog to traffic and everything else there..:D

2. I’ve just got back from a half-day shopping with my lovely Mom and siblings today at Ace Hardware in Alam Sutera. I bought meself some cheap storage drawers and jewelery hanger. Hopefully I can re-organized my makeup products by the end of the day tomorrow.

3. My awesome Dad brought home some crazy bright LED lights (from China, I think) and I’m loving it! I’ve tested one of the bulbs and it’s really bright! So, we bought some electrical stuffs and hopefully by this week one of my mom’s electricians will be able to come over and mount it on my mom’s kick-ass full-body mirror, which she hasn’t been using! So, hopefully by next week I’ll be able to post at least 1 or 2 tutorials! If not, I’ll be posting some non-makeup related post again…what should I call these non-makeup related post? Hmmmm….

4. If you want to keep yourself entertained while I’m lacking tutorials, please do visit my pinterest page here to see my daily inspirations from makeup to hair to fashion to DIY! 🙂 That should keep you guys entertained for a while. I’m pretty good at pinning cool stuffs! Follow me on Pinterest! 😀

If any of you are Indonesia-based bloggers, please feel free to email me or leave a comment! I’d love to meet with other Indonesian bloggers soon! 😀

Here’s a picture of Yorkie on a Skateboard to keep you guys entertained 😛