Coco Magazine – In Bloom

A few weeks before I left Canada to move back to Jakarta, I had the pleasure of working with Daniela Majic (photographer), Thea Acierno (stylist) and Sandra @ Spot6 (model) for an editorial shoot for the June issue for Coco Magazine (issue 5). You can find the full story in the magazine here! (page 31-40). Everyone is really nice and I had fun collaborating with them.

Daniela has a specific image she had in mind – cat liner, dark lips and light brows (very Dior-esque!). We exchanged ideas and agreed on red lips and very dark liner. On the day itself, Daniela was very open to any suggestions and she really left me with every single possibilities! It was nice to have a lot of room to play with. Thea, the stylist, showed us several pieces and I fell in love with whatever she brought out!

Sandra, the model from Spot6 management, came and she has the most beautiful skin and blue eyes. Her lips are perfect and she is a complete doll. Her skin is flawless, I only used a little foundation (Chanel Pro Lumiere no. 20) on her skin with a damped sponge, and since she’s very light, she has quite a lot of blue-purple under her eyes. I concealed her under eye circles using CoverFX cream foundation (added a little orange corrector) to cancel out the bluish-purple tint. I also applied Chanel Universal Bronzer to add some warmth and contour her face. For highlight, I applied L’oreal Magic Lumi on the high planes of her face.


Avant Garde makeup

Her cat-liner was achieved by using Makeup Forever aqua cream and MAC small angled brush. I applied several coats of mascara on her lashes (top and bottom). I lined her luscious lips using MAC Red lipliner and applied a mix of red lipsticks from different brands to achieve the red that we all agreed on.

For her brows, since I didn’t want to bleach it, I used a clean spooly, dipped it in L’oreal Tru Match foundation no. 1 and started brush the brow hairs upwards using the spooly. Once that’s done, I set everything using a translucent powder from Cinema Secret.

Sandra Spot 6

 For her hair, I set it on rollers before I started the makeup and let the rollers cooled down until I finished makeup application. Then I took the rollers out and brushed her hair to achieve some extra volume. I teased her hair right at the crown and fixed her bangs (pg. 36). In the publication, her bangs are pinned up with accessories, or shoved to the side as per direction.

Daniela Majic

I loved how this turned out. I think her blue eyes just stood out. Her cheekbones are to die for, don’t you think? This is pretty much my makeup style – a clean finished. I think it’s important, as a makeup artist, to take your time to make the skin looks perfect. You can do crazy makeup with crazy colours, but the skin has to be flawless. This is something that I learnt from both my mentors – Jackie Shawn and Jessica Obregon.