Revlon Indonesia Photoready Collection Pre-Launch Event

Hey ya’ll lovely readers!!! Today is another non-tutorial related post (thousand apologies!!!!), but I hope this post (and the one before) can make it up to you guys…hehehe…

So, last week I received an email invitation from Revlon Indonesia to attend a “Nobar (nonton bareng) Spiderman (read: watch Spiderman together)” with Revlon. I was allowed to bring a plus one to the event, and of course by default my plus one is my sister! We were both quite excited, me for the makeup and her for the movie..hahaha..Anyways, the event was very nice and thoughtful and I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Revlon Indonesiafor inviting us to attend the event.

The event actually occurred this morning at Gandaria City. Cleo Magazine readers, Bloggers, and other guests were invited to watch the newest Spiderman 4 movie on IMAX in Jakarta. I think it’s pretty cool how Jakarta now has an IMAX. I mean, IMAX is pretty much everywhere in Canada, and I was quite surprised when my sis told me that there’s an IMAX in Gandaria City. So, my Indonesian friends in Canada, when you come back home for good, don’t you worry, you can still catch your favorite movies on IMAX Gandaria City..hahaha..

Next, after we get to watch the movie, the bloggers were invited to go down to Metro (equivalent to Holt Renfrew, I think). Metro is a department store and Revlon has a makeup counter there. In Canada, Revlon is known as a drug-store brand, but here in Indonesia, Revlon is a middle-to-high-end makeup brand. We were, then, introduced to the new products that they are going to launch in mid-July, which was the Photoready Collection.

If you’re my North American readers, then you all should know by now that the Photoready Collection has been out for a while in Canada and USA. It’s pretty much the same thing as it is in North America, the main products of the event were the Photoready Airbrush Mousse foundation, the photoready primer, skin-correcting primer and the sculpting blushes.

Now, I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed with the foundation selection, as there were only 4 colours. I did manage to ask Revlon Indonesia Manager and chat with her a little about it. She was very kind and explained to me that they only bring in the colours that suit the Asian/Indonesian skintone. She was also the one who explained to me that due to the time taken to import the goods and such, only now Revlon Indonesia managed to release this collection in Indonesia.

The event continued with a few Q&A and makeup application by Revlon’s Makeup Artist, Oscar. I didn’t stay around much during the application since I had to leave. I do receive a few goodies from Revlon and Cleo, which was very lovely!

The event was very exciting and I get to meet with a few other Indonesian Beauty Bloggers!!! šŸ™‚

SO! If you live in Indonesia and would like to grab Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup foundation, please kindly go to the nearest Revlon counters in Metro in mid-July. There’s no specific date yet, but it’ll be released soon!

On my next post I’ll talk more about the foundation itself and other products that I bought from Revlon! Enjoy the pictures!


ps: I like the new Spidey than the old one…:D

Peace, Makeup & Love!