Revlon Swatches (Colorstay eyeshadows & Photoready Sculpting Blush)

Alright! Finally I’m back I’m back in Jakarta again! Apologies for the lack of updates last week. I had to travel out of town for work, and my plane was delayed for 24-hour before I could finally get back to Jakarta on Wednesday. Anyhow, all is well with everyone I hope. I’ll try to do a tutorial on my next post using a few products from this post.

So, as we all know I attended Revlon’s event a few weeks a go and I’ve posted an event coverage about it here. I have not yet grabbed my free Revlon Photoready Mouse foundation since I’ve yet to find a free time to go back to the mall to grab it. I did try to apply it on my hand just for fun during the event, what I find is that:

1. I hate the pump – you have no control whatsoever as how much product you will get. You do get a lot of products (See picture here). May be it’s enough for the whole face, may be more may be less. I’m not sure since I don’t have it yet.

2. Good for dry-normal skin, might be slightly tricky for those with oily skin. This foundation has a photo-reflect particle (Read: shimmer flecks). I was removing the foundation from my hand using tissue and there was a lot of glitter-like flecks left on my hand. It might give a dewy look on the skin. Again, I’m not sure, will update once I get the foundation.

3. As I’ve said before, the foundation only comes in 4 colours for Indonesia, which was a big disappointment. I mean, our country is filled with people with different skintone, much like in North America. I don’t see why we can’t bring in a little bit more color selection into this country. We do have people with darker skin too, and I do see most of them wearing the wrong shades of foundation causing a grey shadow casted on their faces.

The products I’m featuring below are what I’ve bought with my own money. Any opinions on these products are purely my own.

Again, let me mention that Revlon is known to be a medium-to-high-class makeup brand in Indonesia, unlike its counterpart in North America where it’s known as cheap, drugstore products. The eyeshadows cost me rp. 105.000 (about $11) and the blush is about the same, or slightly more expensive (can’t remember). I received 20% discount of these products, so in a way it costs me the same if I bought it in Canada. I paid around rp. 300.000++ ($30+) in total. So it’s about rp. 100.000++ ($10-$11) each.

Revlon Photoready Scultping Blush Palette

Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadows & Revlon Photoready Sculpting Blush Palette

Below is pictures of the Inspired quad from the Colorstay collection. I think this palette caught my attention the most. If I’m not wrong, they used this quad in their marketing campaign (the one with Olivia Wilde). This is such a beautiful combination of colour and definitely fresh on the eyes. The 4 colours are white (pearly finish), turquoise (shimmery), light green (shimmery) and deep blue (I feel that this is a little bit leaning towards a satin finish than shimmer..). The lighter palettes are on a bigger pan than the darker ones, I guess it’s because people might not use the darker colours as much as the 2 lighter ones.

I feel that they should put the turquoise  in a larger pan. I, personally, think that I’ll use the turquoise more than the green. The highlighter colour isn’t actually white, it’s leaning towards a warmer white, kinda like ivory. I think this quad is great for those who wants to add colour into their makeup collection.

Revlon Inspired eyeshadowRevlon Inspired Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad

The Serene quad below can be used to re-create Emma Stone’s look in the Spiderman 4 movie. Emma was seen wearing a blue smoky eye look in a scene where she invited Peter Parker/Spidey into her house for dinner. She was in her room, wearing a blue sweater and Spidey came into her room through the window. The corn blue (the 2nd darkest blue) on this quad is actually matte, and the darkest blue is shimmery.

Revlon Serene eyeshadowRevlon Serene Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad

I have to say I love the Peach blush on this Photoready Sculpting Blush Palette. In Canada, I kept hesitating to buy this since I have quite a few blushes already. I tend to choose a cream blush over a powder blush just because I feel that a cream blush blends better. However, I do like the peach color on this palette. I think it’ll be a good color for those with medium skintone. It just adds an extra punch to your overall face in the Summer or in this year-long warm weather.

The highlighter, I find, to be too white. Might cast a grey shadow on those whose skintone is darker than mine. The sculpting powder actually is very close to my skin colour. I think it might be able to give a subtle contouring for me. The sculpting powder will work better on those with lighter skintone than mine. Also, I feel that this powder has a bit of red undertone, which I don’t like. I prefer a more cooler brown powder for contouring.

Also, this palette has a slight shimmer in it, be careful with flashback if you do use this palette. On the middle picture, I used flash to take picture of the swatches and you can see flecks of shimmer. Might not be desirable for those who have oily skin.

Revlon Peach Blush

Revlon Photoready Sculpting Blush Palette in Peach