Bright and Bold!

Today’s tutorial is no joke! I was playing with the pink and purple eyeshadows that I bought a few months a go from Makeup For Ever and I love how this turned out! The eyeshadows are super duper pigmented, it blends nicely and the colors show very prettily for the camera, no? 😀

Since the eyes are strong, I downplayed the rest of the face. The face is very sheer and bare to let the eyes stand out.

Also, I just bought a new palette from a local brand in Indonesia. This palette is from Sariayu Martha Tilaar, consists of 24 shadows. I used the lightest pink (in between the brown and teal shadows) to add some shimmer to the bright MUFE pink eyeshadow.


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1. I applied a grey eyeshadow called Graphite by Pur Mineral on my outer V using mac 217 brush.

2. Next, using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied MUFE no. 75 eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes.

3. Using a MAC 239 brush, I applied MUFE no. 92 eyeshadow in the middle of my lid.

4. Using a clean MAC 217 brush, I blended the edge where the 2 shadows met, and towards the crease. Then, I applied the lightest pink shimmer shadow on top of the MUFE no. 75 for an extra shimmer.

5. Using a small eyeshadow brush (or a clean MAC 239 brush), I applied a black eyeshadow (from the Sariayu Palette) to the outer corner of the lid, creating a little triangle (instead of a V).

6. Using the MAC 217 brush I’ve used earlier on step 4, I blended the black shadow making sure all the hard edges were blended properly.

7. Using a MAC 263 brush, I applied MUFE no. 75 on the inner corner of my lower lid, then MUFE no. 92 on the middle and the black on the outer half of the lower lid. I blended the shadow using a clean pencil brush.

8. To add extra “oomph”, I added a bright teal eyeliner using a wet MAC 263 brush (sprayed with water and dipped to the teal eyeshadow from the Sariayu palette).

9. For extra intensity, I lined my waterline and tightline with Annabelle pencil liner in black.

10.  I curled my lashes and applied mascara.

11. I filled in my brows using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette.

Pink and Purple smoky eyes

Pink and Purple smoky eyes

12. For the face, I applied Smashbox tinted moisturizer using Sigma Kabuki Round brush.

13. I applied Chanel Universal Bronzer on my cheeks, temples and chin using Sigma Kabuki Angled brush.

14. I applied a tiny bit of clear lip balm on my lips.

Pink and Purple smoky eyes