Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Another big brand jumping on the BB cream craze! I actually don’t really find BB cream to be fascinating, to be honest. I think they’re just a tinted moisturizer. There isn’t much difference between BB cream and tinted moisturizer. Anyways, so far I owned Bobbi Brown BB cream, Stila BB cream, Smashbox BB cream and somewhere in my makeup storage there’s a Faceshop BB cream.

Out of all the 4 BB creams that I owned, I have yet to have any reaction to the skin. I don’t see much difference either after using them, may be because I don’t wear them often. All the BB cream that I owned has SPF in them, which is great if you’re one of those who don’t wear SPF on a regular basis. I find that the BB creams are very convenient to take with me during travel since they’re in squeeze tube container, unlike regular foundations which more often than not, are in a glass container.

Anyways! Back to the Bobbi Brown BB cream. I bought mine from Singapore during my trip last week for $51 (or $56 with tax included). It comes in a sleek black squeeze tube that holds 40ml of product, which means, you can put this in your hand carry when you travel! (yay for me!)…It has SPF 35, and comes in 5 colors – extra light, light, fair, medium and medium to dark. I picked the Medium since I’ve gotten quite tanned from all that outdoor walking in Singapore.

They do not carry the medium-to-dark shade in Singapore. I’m also quite disappointed that they don’t carry a darker shades for those with darker skintone. On top of that, the cost is a lot more expensive than North America ($42 in the States vs. $51 in Singapore).

The product has a faint smell, kinda woodsy, I don’t quite know how to describe it, but it smells like typical foundation (like those MAC ones). Very moisturizing, very easy to blend and super sheer. Might look a bit “whitish” when you first apply it, but after a while it oxidizes. I find that this cream is slightly more slick and slippery than the other BB creams that I owned. It feels quite oily when I first applied it as well.

Will I buy this product again? Absolutely not. I’d rather spend the money on a better, cheaper foundation or on the Stila 10-in-1 HD BB cream which is bigger and has a slightly better coverage.

Who’ll benefit from this BB cream? Those with normal to dry skin who doesn’t need much coverage and travels a lot. Those with oily skin, I’d suggest staying away from it since it does make the skin look a touch shiny after a while.

I applied my BB cream using Sigma Kabuki Round brush for the photo below. Please pardon my face….Also! I bought a new camera, I think the camera captures every single flaws on my face – pores, acne, scars, under eye circles..

Bobbi Brown BB Cream


Bobbi Brown BB Cream