Who is not aware of Online Shopping? If you are reading my blog, chances are you have done some online shopping before! Now, in Canada I’ve done a lot of online shopping whether it’s for makeup, fashion or electronics. However, once I moved to Jakarta, to be honest, I am a bit wary about doing some online shopping through local websites.

I was approached by Dskon.com not too long a go and I was encouraged by them to browse through their website. It’s amazing! You guys need to try going to their website! Not only they have a blog dedicated to fashion, they also have reviews on the different online stores in Indonesia. Convenient, much?

But wait, there’s more, Dskon compiles for YOU the best deals around these online stores and let you see the deals on their “Lihat Semua Penawaran” page. You can browse the deals depending on what you want – the different categories (fashion, beauty, travel, food, etc), time or prices. You can also check how much time is left for you to buy the specific deal that you might have your eyes on, which I think is extremely helpful. I mean, I’m sure you’ve been in some occasions where you wanted to buy the deal but since you were unsure you left it for another day just to find out that the deal is gone the next day, right? With the time counter, you get to see how much time is left for you to make your decision for that sweet deal that’s been waiting for you!

What I love the most is their blog page where they feature Indonesian bloggers as well as fashion and beauty articles to keep you informed with the latest news! I didn’t even know Loose Trousers are making a come back until I read their blog! So, go on read their blog and then shop. Don’t forget to check their website out and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!