LOTD – Wiwin

As I’ve mentioned in several posts prior to this, my childhood gf is making an appearance in the blog more often than you’ll know! I think I should formally introduce the lovely Wiwin! 🙂 As I’ve said, she’s my childhood friend, we’ve known each other since….forever, yep, pretty much. She has been one of the few friends that I hold dear to my heart.
Anyways! You guys know I’ve been wanting to add a Fashion section to this blog for a while now. I know I had introduced Finency before, but it’s hard since she’s so busy and we are separated now. With Wiwin, I got lucky because this petite gf of mine lives basically 10mins away from me and her bf is a photographer…:D 😀 😀

For now I think we’ll do a once a week LOTD then gradually we’ll figure out where we gonna go from there. The look below is of her during her vacay to Australia just couple weeks a go (so jealous..:( she left me for 2 weeks! hahaha)..I LOOOVE her pashmina!

Picture below is taken by Geoffrey Tjandra


Winter Outfit