L’oreal Paris 2013

I was invited to the L’oreal Paris Holiday Party and 2013 Product Launch earlier this week on Tuesday. I was pumped to be invited, and couldn’t wait to see all the 80+ new products that were launched on the party. So, a BIG THANK YOU TO L’OREAL PARIS CANADA for the invite!

Anyhow, I didn’t stay for long since I caught a cold and wasn’t feeling great. N and I managed to snap a few photos and found out a bit more about the products. Warning: lots of photos and lots of words.

I received a goodie bag from L’oreal but that’s for our next post 🙂

For the event, I decided to wear my Batik dress that I brought from Indonesia, from Batik Keris. My envelope clutch was from BCBG.

L'oreal Paris Canada

In the event, we were introduced to several new products from Makeup to Skincare to Hair and their latest Color Genius iPhone App (if you guys haven’t try it yet, you should download it! it’s on iTunes). The app is a genius! You can take a photo of anything, choose a color, then you can Match it, Blend it or Clash it. It basically offers nail polish, lipstick and eyeshadow to match your outfit/inspiration picture.

The new eyeshadow quads are called the Colour Riche Eye Shadow Quads. The quads are amazing! There’s 20 new quads to be released in January 2013…20!!! The quads range from the neutral to colorful to smoky colors. I have my eyes on the Neon Skirt and Hollywood Icon. I also love how they incorporate the world-famous L’oreal slogan “Because I’m Worth It!” as one of the quads’ name.

If you’re as excited as I am with all these new quads, grab them in store January 2013!

L'oreal eyeshadows

Besides the 20 new quads, L’oreal is also releasing the Colour Riche Caresse Shine Stain Lipcolour. The lipsticks will also be released in store in January 2013. There’s 12 shades for the collection. This collection comes with a new formula “made up of 30% water combined with light shine oils”.

The other lipstick collection is called Colour Riche Serum Anti-Aging Lipcolour that comes in 18 different shades. This collection has a “serum inside technology (that) is now enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid”. Pretty much, these lipsticks will make your lips more plump and fuller-looking. It will be out in store in February 2013. These lipsticks are catered more towards the Mature women.

L'oreal Paris Canada

The other products from the Cosmetics/Makeup section include – Telescopic Shocking Extension Mascara, Voluminous 24H Black Smoke Mascara, Infallible The Super Slim 12H Eyeliner, True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer and Visible Lift Colour Blush. These all will be released on January 2013.

I’m super excited for the True Match Crayon Concealer. The concealers come in 6 different shades: Neutral Fair/Light (N1-3), Warm Light/Med (W1-3), Neutral Fair/Light (N4-5), Warm Light/Med (W4-5), Neutral Med/Deep (N6-8) and Warm Med/Deep (W6-8).

The Visible Lift Colour Blush comes in 6 different shades. These blushes are mineral blushes and it has no talc or wax. This collection is also catered more towards mature skin. The 6 shades are really pretty! I love the Rose Gold Lift and the Peach Gold Lift.

L'oreal Paris Canada

So, next on the line after the Makeup section is the Skincare line from L’oreal. To be honest, I have never used nor try the L’oreal Skincare line. I know my Mom have been using them, and I guess part of the reasons why I have never used the skincare line before is because I felt that the products are catered more towards mature skin.

However, guess whaaaat! The new skincare lines are catered for ALL WOMEN. The line consists of:

  • Ideal Clean Cleansing Cloths for All Skin Types (on the bottom right corner)
  • Ideal Clean Cleanser for All Skin Tyoes (bottom left corner)
  • Ideal Moisture Day Lotion for Dry Skin (pink box on top of the blue tube)
  • Ideal Moisture Day Lotion for Normal Skin (yellow box besides pink box)
  • Ideal Moisture Day Lotion for Sensitive Skin (teal box besides pink box)
  • Ideal Moisture Day Lotion for All Skin (not in picture)
  • Ideal Moisture Day/Night Cream for All Skin Types (middle bottom)

The products will be out February 2013.

Let me point out the beautiful BB creams located behind the moisturizers. Those BB creams are catered for Dry, Mature Skin. They are called Age Perfect Instant Glow BB Cream. To be released in store in February 2013.

“The new BB cream offers five beautifying actions in one skincare product to help nourish, replenish, even, perfect and boost the radiance of skin….With continued use of the new BB Cream, women will see a reduction in age spouts, skin will become more toned, and the appearance of wrinkles will be diminished”.

I love how the BB creams are catered towards a Mature Skin. I think there’s so many BB creams out there for younger audience, and I’m very happy to see that this product is for more mature women.

L'oreal Paris Canada

The Haircare collection includes: Healthy Look Creme Colour Gloss Haircolour, Power Moisture Haircare and Elnett Satin Heat Sprays. The first 2 products will be released February 2013 and the Sprays will be out in December 2012.

The Healthy Look Creme Colour Gloss Haircolour has a new formula for a “richer colour result, greys are softly blended away, rich antioxidants remove free radicals…[and] Hypo-allergenic Formula + Damage Protection is even more gentle on hair and helps to protect it making hair stronger and healthier.”

There’s also an emphasis on “without a drop of Ammonia!”. 28 shades from reds to brown. The 6 new shades come from the Red Luscious and Ice Chocolate collections. I think I’ve my heart on Chestnut Brown.

The Power Moisture Haircare consists of Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask which smell deliciously clean. These products offer moisturizing power for the hair. More in-depth review on Shampoo and Conditioner soon.

The sprays interest me. These sprays are non-aerosol and it can be used on dry or wet hair. Use it wet to protect hair from heat-styling tools, use it dry to keep your hairstyle in place. 3 different types for Straight, Volume and Curl.

L'oreal Paris Canada

There’s also 8 New Shades of Colour Riche Nail Colour that are “highly in line with Pantone’s S/S 2013 fashion colour report…- featuring “it” shades like Members Only, Not a Cloud In Sight and Royalty Reinvented.” They will be in store by January 2013.

To my  surprise, L’oreal Paris expert Makeup Artist Eddie Malter and Hairstylist Eric Del Monaco were both present in the party. I didn’t get a chance to have a conversation with them since I was all sniffly, but I managed to take a picture of them both. ❤ ❤ ❤

Besides the product launch, I had a great time savoring and enjoying all the chocolates presented at the event.

L'oreal Paris Canada