L’oreal Colour Riche Eye Shadow

The L’oreal goodies from the event couple weeks a go consist of several stuffs, including these babies – L’oreal Colour Riche Eye Shadow! I felt very lucky to be able to receive these 3 eyeshadows! If you haven’t seen my in-depth detail of the 80+ L’oreal new products for 2013, go check the post out right HERE.

Please keep in mind that this is based solely on my honest opinion. I also listed the texture of the eyeshadows, but again, it’s based on my opinion so I might be wrong, or you might not agree with me.

So, overall, the eyeshadows are very smooth and very pigmented. Very much like the L’oreal Infalible eyeshadows. It has a satin-like finish. Again I’ll say it, the eyeshadows feel very creamy and smooth.

1. Good Luck Charm:

  • Medium – Pink (shimmer)

  • Highlight – Vanilla (shimmer)

  • Contour – Light Brown (matte)

  • Definition – Dark Brown (matte)

  • Pro – light colors are great for neutral and/or day look.

  • Cons – the pink shadow does not show up much on my skin. Might look great on lighter skin.

L'oreal Good Luck Charm

2. Sultry Seductress:

  • Medium – Grey (shimmer)

  • Highlight – Champagne (frosty)

  • Contour – Eggplant Purple (satin)

  • Definition – Grey/teal (shimmer)

  • Pro – Great colors that work together. The shadows can be used individually, and they will look great on any eye colors and any skin tones.

  • Cons – none

Sultry Seductress Shadow

3. Cookies & Cream:

  • Medium – Light Grey (shimmer)

  • Highlighter – Vanilla (shimmer)

  • Contour – Dark Grey (shimmer)

  • Definition – Black (shimmer)

  • Pro – Classic smoky colours.

  • Cons – I’d prefer the black to be matte.

L'oreal Colour Riche shadows