Contact Us

Should you have any further questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Jilly at

phone: (905) 966-0287 for Canada or +6281316475950 for Indonesia


  • For event invitations, product reviews, press releases and coverage feel free to contact me. I’ll release postings in English and/or Indonesian if requested.
  • Product Reviews are solely based on my experience 100%. Products that are sent to me will be reviewed honestly.
  • Advertisements and link exchanges are currently in progress and constantly being updated.
  • Makeup classes are being run in Jakarta, Indonesia at the moment.
  • Bridal makeup and its trials are being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Clients are welcome to come to my place or I can travel for your convenience.

Due to my lack of Indonesian writing skill, all posts will be written in English unless requested to be written in Indonesian.