Modeling for Jilly was one of the best experiences I’ve had in modeling. Not only is she an incredibly talented artist, with amazing technique, she’s also a bunch of fun! The relaxed atmosphere of the set made it easy for me to be the model!
Hopefully I’ll get to work with her again really soon! – Angelyn, Oakville

Jilly taught me everything I need & want to know. Now I can use all my make up “arsenal” with more confidence, hahaha. Best part: now I know which make up brands to buy so I can stop wasting my money on products that do not give satisfying result. – Olivia, Toronto

Thanks Jilly for the gorgeous look you created for my bridal shower in such a short time! I cant ask for any better. Well done! – Ivone, Hamilton

I’m so glad that I asked you to do my makeup for graduation photo! I received a lot of compliments and I never thought I could look so good with makeup. Thank you so much. – Jessie, Hamilton

Kirei Makeup is known for its excellence make up service. You don’t have to worry if you would turn out great or not, because you always do when its done by Jilly. Her make up are done in a very subtle way and natural looking. One of the things that we worry about when it comes to make-up artists is that are they reliable and are the products they use good and will you have any irritation afterwards? among with many other hygenic questions that arise. However with Jilly, she provides professional service throughout, we don’t have to worry if she uses clean tools, because she always cleans her brushes and she make sure of all the hygene. Jilly always ensure to uses great products, so you don’t have to worry if they will cause irritation or not, or if they are healthy for your skin. I definitely recommend Jilly to anyone, because she makes sure you are comfortable before she does anything and the fact that she travels to your house makes it even better! (how often do you get that service?) Jilly is very easy going and fun girl to be with, it makes the whole make-up session even more fun! Because not only you get to be prettied up, but the whole process with her is enjoyable! When Jilly does your make-up, she does not try to make you look into something you are not and not comfortable with, she works with you and how you are, not against you. So you can be sure that you’d look even more beautiful! It’s definitely worth it! 🙂 – Amanda, Burlington

Thanks for the makeup lesson last Sunday, you were very patient and explain everything very well. I had a fun time with all the girls!! See you on Sunday for makeup shopping! – Devina. Mississauga

Thanks Ji for the make up lesson and for coming to Toronto even though there was a terrible snowstorm the day before XP. That was very professional of you and I really appreciate it. Keep it up!!!! ^.^ – Myra, Toronto

Thanks Jil for the gergous make up for ci angel’s engagement. Some guests didn’t recognize me, with the dress and off course the smokey eye make up. Good job and keep it up, Dear – Joicelin, Mississauga

Jilly is one of the reason why I’m addicted to make up right now. She’s very resourceful in her field and has grown so much as an artist. Honestly, I can’t ask or trust anyone else doing my make up other than her. I guarantee that she will exceed every expectations you have even with all your flaws. I wish you all the best and I know you’re gonna make it big time, girl! Keep up the good work! – Angel, Mississauga